Lilimoon is a teen feminine brand with casual fashion concept, made to meet girls who love to dress and experiment with novelties, which has its own personality and power to create and recreate your style! They seek references in the fashion world, are influenced by the main trends and are inspired by great icons. Collections range from basic to cool, and also feature special lines such as "party" and "fitness". Get to know the Lilimoon universe ... Enjoy it!

Johnny Fox

They are funky , contemporary looks like and are inspired by international personalities when choosing what to wear. Owners of a unique lifestyle , Johnny boys want to enjoy in the company of friends , each stage in the best possible way. Like them, modern and savvy , Johnny Fox is a children's brand that arouses the explorer side of boys 04-16 years old, combining style and comfort, and let them inside the latest news.


Every girl tuned and passionate about fashion needs a brand to call it best! And Vic&Vicky was born glamorous, fashionable, contemporary and also delicate to fit these stylish tweens. The girl Vic&Vicky is a fashion princess... She chooses what she buys and what she wears, she wears cool clothes with girl touch and loves fashion but still looks for fun! Our world is a mix of all this... The complete wardrobe to sweep in any season!


The Infanti girl is romantic and elegant. She is a princess who was born to shine and knows exactly what she wants to wear. Respecting its childish, delicate and serene essence, the brand brings to this collection even more sophisticated products.

The millennials are now fathers and mothers. In this role, they redefined how to raise children. The children of the alpha generation have more freedom to develop. Millennials have matured and are now fathers and mothers. In this role, they have redefined how to raise children. The children of the alpha generation have.

Le Petit Kukiê

In a universe of fun and joy the little Kukiê is delicate and demanding with her looks. They like comfort and their moms cherish the welfare of this girl. This is translated into collections full of cuteness and exclusivity. Come and have fun!