And we are passionate about what we do. Our story began in gaining market share at the height of the shopping centers, and today we have the strength of the sales made through representatives spread throughout Brazil . Currently, our recognition is the result of dedicated hands are always in search of the best trends added to the raw material quality , resulting in a rich work and conveys exactly what the market expects of our brands . We are a company very well represented in the business world . There are six strong brands , nationwide , growing each collection becoming great references in the teen and children's universe . All this is the result of a history of a lot of work on improving our processes , products and service to customers and suppliers .

Today the South Pacific has a structure of 11,000 square feet at its headquarters located in Blumenau-SC. Have full internal processes, from weaving to finished product. Still staffed with approximately 500 direct employees and 3,000 indirect jobs.


Proactivity. Proactive people have initiative. They are noted for this ability to anticipate situations. Be able to transform ideas into action to get results.

Understand to act. Search, ask, review and analyze before acting.

Self-discipline. Observe that with which it is committed. Once a decision is made it must be faithfully fulfilled. Norms and standards are to be met.

Ensure the company's equity. Take care of company property as his own, regardless of the value.

Be optimistic. Optimism and action greatly increase the chances of success. Even in the face of obstacles, always keep an optimistic attitude. An optimistic attitude is beneficial to ourselves and all those around us after all, nobody follows a pessimist.

Respect and listen to opinions. Know how to listen, understand and respect the views of others is essential to evolve and get maximum participation. Respect even if you disagree. Be polite to people.

Provide correct information to the internal customer. The company's success depends on good strategies and good strategies rely on correct information.

Teamwork. Teamwork builds self -esteem of the people involved and makes everyone involved of the results. Winning teams are characterized by the strength of the group, by the union.

Celebrate results. Who does not celebrate steps will be eternally unsatisfied.


For employees: